Frequently asked questions

Q: “Is there a minimum age to participate?”
A: Yes, there is. You have to be 18 years or older to play.

Q: “Is there a minimum requirement of people I need to join with?”
A: Just you will be fine. You can participate on your own, if you dare that is, but of course you can also come with more than one, a circle of friends, it’s all possible.

Q: “I’m claustrofobic. Can I play this game?”
A: There are some moments you will find yourself in smaller spaces. You’re always under our supervision, but you are in contriol, though. Contact us prior to your visit via the telephone number on your ticket.

Q: “My Dutch is bad or non-existent. Will I be completely lost or not?”
A: We’ve had non-Dutch participants before and their feedback confirmed that their experience was far more challenging than that of the average player.
However, they enjoyed it despite this added obstacle, so if you like a
challenge: don’t let language stop you! We might release an English Edition at some point in the future.

Q: “Can I be put in the same cell as my friend?”
A: There is a maximum of 20 minutes that you will be in your cell with a ‘stranger” during Prison Escape. We deliberately do so, to enhance the Prison Escape experience. At any other moment you are free to look up your friend(s), if he/she/they can still be trusted, of course!

Q: “Is Prison Escape suitable as a company outing?”
But of course! If you want to participate as a business/company/organisation, please contact zakelijk@prisonescape.nl.

Q: “How come Prison Escape is priced at €54,50?”
A: We have done our utmost best to make our unique interactive game experience an unforgettable one. Prison Escape is a one of a kind experience, takes place in a real prison, lasts for 3 hours and has at least 40 actors and actresses to stir up the prison. We think that this bucket list experience is absolutely worth the money. Still not convinced? Check the reviews with an average of 9.6 on our Facebook page.

Q: “Can I park on the premises?”
A: No, unfortunately this is not possible. Check this website for parking info.

Q: “Can I use the toilet during Prison Escape?”
A: Yes, you can, but only later in the experience, We advice you to have been to the toilet prior to the start of Prison Escape.

Q: “I’m in a wheelchair. Can I participate in Prison Escape?”
A: The prison building itself and therefore Prison Escape, is not wheelchair-friendly and because of that not playable with a wheelchair.

Q: “Is it possible to play Prison Escape on different days and dates?”
A: We try to organsie Prison Esacpe as often as possible. There are plans to redevelop the building and premises end of this summer, which makes it impossible to continue Prison Escape. It is still unclear when we have to stop. All dates mentioned on our website and sold tickets are go. Would you like to keep posted about new dates? Leave your email address on our ticket page.

Q: “I’m pregnant. Can I play Prison Escape?”
A: Yes! The game has some (mild) physical moments. You decide what you can or cannot handle. Contact us prior to your visit via the telephone number on your ticket.

Q: “We’re a group. Can we get a discount?”
A: Sorry, we don’t do discounts at Prison Escape.

Q: “Why aren’t there 3 games a day every time you organise a Prison  Escape weekend?”
A: Editions that have been booked by companies/organisations, cannot be seen in the overview on the website, although we might do 3 games that day.

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