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The experience

Prison Escape is a real life game where you step into the shoes of a prisoner. You will be locked up in the Kruisberg in Doetinchem with one goal: ESCAPE!

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About the experience

Prison Escape is a 3 hour real life game where your goal is to escape from a high security prison. A cast of 25 professional interactive actors will immerse you in an endless web of intrigue, friendship and corruption. Play the lead role in your own prison movie and get in touch with the many storylines in which you can lose yourself. Make essential choices that influence the experience and proactively interact with your fellow players and the various iconic characters you encounter throughout the game. Use your head and your heart, and only trust the people you are sure are on your side.



The story

At first glance, Kruisberg looks like a normal prison, but a lot is bubbling under the surface. Prisoners go missing, the government barely has a view of what’s going on inside, and there is a constant stream of dark rumours surrounding the facility. The warden seems to have it all under control, but is this the case? Have the darkest and most realistic experience we’ve made so far. A loose and innovative story far away from the stories of Prison Escape Rotterdam and Breda. A completely new form of Prison Escape.


The world of Hertog

Magnus Hertog is the warden of the mysterious prison in Doetinchem. Nobody really seems to know who he is. A merciful commander? A crafty career man? Most of his guards follow him as the saviour himself, and the government is very pleased with him. However, there are also whispering voices in the darkness claiming that Magnus is a control freak, a psychopath who is holding his own daughter like a prisoner.



About the origin of Prison Escape

Prison Escape was developed in 2014 by a group of young producers, game designers and theater makers. In 2015 the first massive prison escape in Rotterdam was actually a fact!

What started as a wild dream has grown into one of the greatest theatrical experiences in the Netherlands. A world where immersive theater and game design come together to make heroes of our participants.

Prison Escape is a production of Real Life Gaming. We are constantly improving and deepening our experience with the aim of providing our participants with a fantastic experience where they can temporarily leave “real life” behind.

Escape Room vs Prison Escape

We are often asked what the difference is between Prison Escape and an Escape Room. Below the facts in an overview!

Number of play areas
Surface of playing area
Number of players
Escape Room
1-3 rooms
50-100 m2
2-7 players
1 hour
Prison Escape Doetinchem
Prison Doetinchem
100 cells
20.000 m2
130 players
3 hour

OUR reviews

We think it is important that our participants have a great time within the Kruisberg prison! We are continuously optimizing the experience.

So when we get a positive review from the participants, we are secretly very proud of that.

Therefore, here are a few of the reviews!

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Can you regain your freedom?

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