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Free an innocent man from the prison dome in Breda from behind your PC!

Prison Escape Online is an real life game you can experience from behind your PC.

Go online and establish a live feed with real characters. By interacting with them you can bypass and hack the prison’s security system in cooperation with your team. Only with clear communication, interaction and solid teamwork can you free Yuri Koblenko, a man sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. The clock is ticking, there’s no time to lose…

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This new online experience utilises real actors and is unique in the world

You can play the game with friends, family and/or colleagues. Each from their own living room.

The only requirements are the following:

– A PC / Laptop
– A stable internet connection
– A webcam, a headset (or earbuds) and a microphone

On our ticket page you can purchase a time slot. Per slot we have a maximum of 7 players. Every player can join from behind their own PC, meaning you don’t have to physically be together. With Prison Escape Online we want to give players a unique and exciting online

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