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How many can participate per time slot?

You can experience Prison Escape Online with a maximum of 7 players! The most ideal group size is 5!

Is there an age requirement for Prison Escape Online?

The experience is suitable for 16-year olds and older.

Can I organise Prison Escape Online as a teambuilding event?

Yes you can! You can experience Prison Escape Online with your colleagues. Work together and get to know them in a different way during the game.

Do you have to play Prison Escape Online apart from each other?

Ideally yes! Every player can play from their own home from behind their own PC / Laptop.

How long is the experience?

A Prison Escape Online game is 60 minutes. We ask all players to log into the digital environment 15 minutes before their starting time.

Is it possible to experience Prison Escape Online in English?

Yes it is possible to experience the game in English! If you’re going to order the grouptickets you can select the language. We are currently hosting Prison Escape Online in the Dutch & English language but we’re hoping that in the future we can expand the languages so people from all over the world can try to break out the innocent convict ‘Koblenko’.

What kind of hardware do I need to play Prison Escape Online?

We recommend doing this experience on your laptop or PC. You can als play this on our iPad or Phone, although it is not ideal. Make sure you have a webcam, headset (or earbuds) and a microphone for the most optimal experience.

How good should my internet speed be to play?

With a webcam, it’s possible to play Prison Escape Online with a 2MBps download speed and 0,5 MBps upload speed. Check your internet speed through the following link: www.speedtest.nl. The faster your internet speed, the smoother the experience.

Do you need to install software or need certain tech to play the game?

No, you don’t need to install anything! We utilise videostreaming software that is broadcasted directly to a digital videochat environment. If you’re familiar to Skype, Google Hang-Outs and/or
Zoom, you can also experience the game without troubles!